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Software To Protect Your Computer From Getting Stolen

Software To Protect Your Computer From Getting Stolen

protect-pcLosing your PC through either misplacing it or by theft can be very devastating. The thing that will pain you is not only the financial loss – laptops are not cheap after all – but the loss of your documents, personal files, photos, and other important data can be more devastating. Many of the files of photos may not be found anywhere else, and you are forced to forget everything about them. This can be worse if the files in your computer are work related and you don’t have any backup forcing you start all over again.

There is also the danger of a criminal who steals your account to access your email, banking accounts, combined with other files in your PC makes it easy for identity theft. There are some criminals who have gone to the point of blackmailing the owner of the laptop since they have access to some very personal and confidential data.

The good thing is that there are a number security and tracking software out there in the market for you to install and use. These software add an extra layer of security to ensure your personal files are not exposed when the PC is stolen. In case the laptop is stolen, you can be able to remotely lock down the laptop and wipe out any sensitive data. In case you are lucky, you will track and retrieve your laptop, providing evidence to the police to convict the criminal.

If you are a Mac user, then you can use “Find My Mac” service to track a stolen or lost Mac Computer. Microsoft, on the other hand, does not provide any such service. In order to track down your laptop, you need to install a third-party software. There are some paid services that provide you with this option, but there are also a couple of free services. Below are some of the best software you can use when your PC has been stolen.

Prey is a free software that can be used for three devices per user. Prey can be used on Apple laptops, Windows, Android, iOS phones, and tablets. They provide Pro plans that can be used by companies that have up to 500 devices. This software does not hide itself, but it can be deleted from the start menu. A password is needed to uninstall it. You can take screenshots in an effort to try and capture details information of the person, especially if he or she is using social media or taking photos on the webcam. It is up to you to gather the information and pass it on to the police. Despite it being free, it can prove to be very helpful.

Lojack for laptops
LoJack is available for Windows and Apple laptops, with the Android version coming out soon. There is a 30-day trial, after which you are charged yearly. You are provided with a serial to install and that s the last you will see of it. This is because the software hides itself on the disk. If your laptop is stolen, log in to the website and you will see Locate, Delete, Lock and Recover options.

When you lock your PC, a display message will appear on the screen, including the contact information to enable a person to find it and return it to you. Delete allows you to get rid of all user files leaving just the operating system, helping you prevent the criminal from accessing your personal information. Recover allows you track down the computer. You must first report to the police. The software will then start to collect information and the company works with the police to recover it.

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